David Way, Programme Manager, Kohler Co.

I am really pleased to have had Binesh advising the company on our IP protection. Binesh provided extremely useful inputs and has played a key role in shaping our IP strategy in a most professional way. Binesh managed the large volume and rate of disclosures well. He efficiently dealt with large numbers of submissions by having regular on-site half-day meetings to discuss multiple projects with the inventors/designers. He took the time to understand each individual project and fed back with queries centrally through me to each inventor / design team.

This worked well to achieve what WE needed. On a personal level, I deeply appreciate Binesh's ability to explain IP to the non-expert, providing many eye-opening moments allowing me to understand and develop an IP strategy for my specific needs.

Dr Hugh Hayden, Case Manager, Knowledge Transfer, Physical Sciences and Engineering, UCD

I was very pleased with the work of Binesh Patel, who carried out a priority patent filing for University College Dublin on a plasma barrel system. The patent had elements of physics, design and mechanical engineering. Binesh worked with all stakeholders (academics, technicians) to develop strong set of claims that correctly encapsulated the innovation in the claims.

Both the Technology Transfer Office and the academics were very happy with the experience and working with Binesh.

Dr Andrew Marsh, Senior Licensing Executive, Technology Transfer Office

I have worked on a number of patent applications with Binesh Patel of Beuro IP during his time at a previous firm, and over my four years working in the Irish technology transfer system. I first worked with Binesh through the Office of Technology Transfer in UCC and this continued after my move to DIT Hothouse.

The complexity of these cases varied considerably, ranging from nanoscale transistor technology to innovative consumer products. In each instance I found Binesh excellent to work with. He took a careful and detailed approach in each case, starting with a meeting with the inventors to tease out the core of the invention and prepare the key independent claim. This was followed up by a draft specification and full list of claims, with the end result of a timely and high quality patent application. Post filing prosecution work was similarly of a high calibre.

When using the services of a patent attorney I have always sought the opinion of the researchers after a patent is filed. The academics spoke highly of Binesh and his approach and enjoyed working with him. He is excellent at keeping the workload of the inventors to a minimum, and was available for calls and queries at short notice.

We have seen substantial impact from the patents that Binesh has prepared. Two of the patents that were managed by Binesh have been successfully commercialised and licensed to spin-out companies, while a third was key in attracting substantial research funding from a multi-national semiconductor company.

In summary I have no hesitation in recommending Binesh for patent prosecution work, in particular for a university technology transfer office. In my ten-year career managing intellectual property in industry and academia I have worked with numerous patent attorneys, and I am happy to say that Binesh is one of the most professional and easy to work with.